I Started PASL With A Borrowed Laptop and One Client.- CEO & Founder Of Platinum Africa Solutions Ltd Shares In An Exclusive Interview.

With God, Hardwork and Determination, you are sure to conquer/break your way through and achieve your Dreams/Objectives. Today on Exclusives with SammytheAuthor, an Inspiring Ghanaian Serial Entrepreneur shares with us, his life story and career as an Entrepreneur and CEO of Platinum Africa Solutions Ltd. Checkout the Interview Below!
1: Who is Mr. Derrick S. Vormawor?
I am a business consultant, and a marketing strategist. I run PASL which is focused on helping businesses to start, grow and expand profitably and strategically. Sometimes, I get invited to speak at events and I also do some writing on business and entrepreneurship as well as a Vlog on social media. I am the creator of The Business Startup Clinic currently being sponsored by Access Bank’s W-Initiative in Ghana, and the 5K Challenge sponsored by Code 57 and starting off this summer 2020 in Ghana. Aside business and entrepreneurship, I am a whole mood and vibe on a personal level. Lol!
2: What’s the Story behind Your Personality?
I learned to fully embrace who I am and can be and decided to design my own life. You know, if your life is your biggest project, why not design it?
Ever since, I have been on an amazing personal journey. No one can change my perception about ‘me’ any longer and the things I could achieve in life. This mindset and experience drive my personality. I recognize that I am human, and life would always happen with or without me, so I better get my groove on whiles I am here.BFF5490E-7916-4B9A-A1A5-64687F4336E3

3: Tell us more about the Educational aspect of Your Life.
I started my primary education at Apam Royal Preparatory school in the Central Region, then I continued at Christ Ebenezer Preparatory School in Darkuman. I moved on to Christ Vision International School for my junior high education and completed at Anglican Church’s school, both in Prampram. Afterwards, I did an IT course at IPMC in Tema then I went to pursue ‘Business’ at Anlo Senior High School in Anloga (Volta Region). I later read a Diploma in Business Studies at Excellent Business College in Madina, then I went on to do a Bsc. Banking & Finance at University of Professional Studies, Accra. Presently, I am pursuing an MSc. General Management in Germany.f1a3a9ad-fce8-4fff-bf47-648c08030de9 2

4: At what point did you realize you could start a Company of Your Own? What Inspired that Decision?
Before I started my company, I did not have any big dreams. I promise, I never thought I could become who I have become today. I only wanted a regular life and I was a contract staff in a Bank at the time, but life happened. I lost my job and through the process of recovering myself from the heartbreak, I decided to do something for myself. I realized I loved creating strategies, and taking on business problems, and finding solutions for them. I started with one client, a borrowed laptop, a small dream, and presently our company is worth a couple of hundreds of thousands of dollars in value, with a greater vision. We are building the most reliable business consulting firm in Africa.
5: Being the Founder/CEO of Platinum Africa Solutions, what are some the necessary measures, you put in place to ensure that your Company runs smoothly and productively?
It’s not easy running PASL. I serve in two roles. As a CEO & a Lead consultant. I get involved in every single thing happening. I lead by example. I have a relationship with my team members. Aside the fact that I have created structures to function, the company is able to run productively because we thrive on teamwork, respect for one another, we choose our clients wisely and we take on what we can deliver. Everybody in PASL is intrinsically motivated and we don’t joke with our work and our people.15780924_841400982668967_1288877154078322675_n

6: What are some of the services Platinum Africa Solutions Ltd Offer?

Organizational performance audit, Business plan & proposal development, Impact assessment, Corporate training, Recruitment, and we also offer customized services for clients based on their business needs and problems.
7: What are some of the Challenges You’ve Faced So far? Anything Sharable?
The challenges come as much as the opportunities. Some of them had been regarding some of our team members, others had been about some clients. Some clients only came to take advantage of us. But I am glad we do not beg for clients any longer. We choose our clients, and we serve the clients we accept with all of our strength and abilities. We also choose our people wisely because PASL is not a place for just anyone.
8: What triggered the decision to commence Strats With Derrick?
When I started my entrepreneurial journey about 5years ago, I didn’t get anyone to help me with such tips, strategies and insights on a regular basis, so I made a lot of mistakes. That’s why I decided to share my knowledge for free now that I know better, so others wouldn’t have to make same mistakes I did. So far the testimonials have been amazing.
9: If you had the opportunity to turn back the hands of time, what would you have changed in your life? Any Regrets?8C27D58D-90D0-4F6A-AC0E-3A549D96F1FC
I think I have had a good professional and career life so far, despite the ups and downs, but my personal life has had some issues just like everyone else. I let the wrong people into my heart at some points. I did not take my mental health serious sometimes (after all this business stuff, I am really human), and I did not make some very sound decisions sometimes, but I do not regret any of these. That’s life. We just learn along the way and we sap it dry in all angles.
10: Any piece of advice for the Young ones aspiring to be an Entrepreneur?
Don’t listen to people all the time. Opinions are not facts. Do not give up. Life is about time and seasons. Find your purpose (your gift), pursue it, live it, and share it. The world will celebrate you one day when you are consistent with it. Trust God that if He brought you to it, He will see you through it. In the midst of it all, find reasons to be grateful for the breath of life you have.

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