Don’t Let Your Failures Stop You – CEO Of Entrepreneurship Hub Africa, Moses B. Arthur Shares In An Interview With SammytheAuthor.

Build Yourself Up through your failures. Don’t allow it deter you from accomplishing your Mission on Earth. Your Dreams are Possible and Achievable. Today on Exclusives with SammytheAuthor, an Inspiring Ghanaian Serial Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker, shares with us, his life story and career as an Entrepreneur and CEO of Entrepreneurship Hub Africa and City Broadcast Ltd. Checkout the Interview Below.

1: For the benefit of those who might know not you, Who is Mr. Moses Arthur?
Moses B. Arthur is a young daring Ghanaian totally out of his comfort zone living his epic vision for Africa. As a serial entrepreneur that he is, he runs a digital marketing and branding firm called City Broadcast Ltd. A For-Profit social enterprise called Entrepreneurship Hub Africa that organizes the annual African Entrepreneurship and Innovation Summit. He believes strongly that Entrepreneurship and Innovation is the future of the continent and it can make the continent great again.
Moses started his entrepreneurial journey in his sophomore year in the university when he started his first business called Parah Deliveries and Coinbase (a company that was to be centered on deliveries and a cryptocurrency called Bitcoin) but the business failed due to lack of tenacity and boldness to run and dominate the sector. Two years after with burning passion for the marketing space, he started a company called City Broadcast which he least knew would rise to become one of the most sort after digital marketing and branding firms in the country. And it has just been a journey of God’s goodness ever since.


2: Tell us more about yourself. I mean what’s Your Story? (Family, Education e.t.c)
Moses studied visual arts at Anglican Senior High School In Kumasi and further had his degree at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology where he studied Bsc. Development Planning. He is the first born of four children to his parents.


3: As the Founder & CEO, what inspired your decision to start Entrepreneurship Hub Africa?
Entrepreneurship Hub Africa was birthed out of a passion to help young entrepreneurs and business leaders to develop themselves which would reflect in the growths mentally and then in the end affect their businesses. I sort to see daring entrepreneurs under one roof learning and exchanging ideas on how to make their individual businesses scale and in the end making the African continent great again.


4: Give us a brief Overview of your Agency, City broadcast Ltd?
City Broadcast Ltd is a ghanaian based consulting firm and a leading advisor on business strategy. We help Businesses to Dominate their Market Space through digital marketing. It was started in 2017 and as part of the services we render is digital marketing, branding, corporate leadership and training, business consulting and business registrations. Our office is based in Accra, Ghana.


5: What are some of the Challenges You encountered on your Journey? Anything Sharable?

Speaking of challenges, I think one of the biggest challenges has been PEOPLE. Its one thing seeing and having a vision as a pioneer , its another thing for the people who work with you to see and appreciate the vision as you the pioneer of the vision does.


7: In your line of business and from Your journey so far as a Business Consultant/Entrepreneur, how would you define Failure?
The journey of starting your own business is a bitter sweet journey. Before you succeed, you would have failed a thousand times and for me, I have resolved that failure is good. I know most people will not agree but let us look at it fundamentally. God made man to learn through failure, before a baby walks, that baby will have to learn to crawl first, stand, toddle and fall several times in the process before finally walking steadily and then running. I remember when I was a boy of about 10 years, I had a goal of learning how to ride a bicycle. I failed many times when I started learning and even got injured but that did not stop me from achieving that goal of learning how to ride the bicycle. Thus, failure is actually good for entrepreneurs who want to win in the world of business because it teaches them to be tough and resilient. The story of Colonel Harland David Sanders who is best known for founding the chain of fast food chicken restaurants called Kentucky Fried Chicken popularly known as KFC is one of the stories that inspires me in tough moments in the world of entrepreneurship. At age 66, he lost his business and began to live on his social security check. It wasn’t enough. He went around selling his recipe for fried chicken. He was turned down 1,009 times before someone said “yes”. He went on to become a multimillionaire at an age when most people were quitting. He remained a brave, tenacious and resilient man even when he had failed over a thousand times.


8: What triggered the decision to write a book? How many books do you have so far?
When I was writing my maiden book, I wanted to title it what I wish I knew before my entrepreneurial journey but I ended up calling it The Entrepreneurs Journey: An Ideal Start Up Guide. I believe what inspired me greatly is how I wanted to title the book initially. At the moment I have only one book out..There would be more to come.


9: Any Awards won?
I have not won any awards yet. I personally believe it’s not even time to get nominated for any award as there is more work that needs to be done.


10: If you had the Opportunity/Platform to advice a full room of Aspiring Entrepreneurs, what will be your advice to them?
There would be so much to share with a room full of aspiring entrepreneurs but one thing is certain. They should live for themselves and their vision and in building their visions, they should have the country and continent as a whole at heart. Finally I would tell them that collaboration is the secret ingredient for them to be successful as aspiring entrepreneurs they only have to be extra careful who they collaborate with.
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