Exclusive: Konnekt World Gh Presents, 100 Mentors for Bridget Boakye’s Birthday.

For my 27 birthday,

I mobilized $2000 for a giving campaign that bought health insurance for 200 women, children, and the elders in Central Ghana. It was one of my most special birthdays – being able to celebrate my life through rallying my friends, family, and network to protect the lives of others.

For my birthday this year, I am launching another such campaign to help communities in Ghana. As I have shared consistently on my blog, I have benefited immensely from the generosity of others and I am insistent on passing this generosity on.

There Is No Better Cause Now Than That For Human Care & Compassion

My giving campaign this year centers on human to human connection. From a global pandemic to global movement for Black Lives, the world has changed dramatically in the last 6 months. All of us have experienced a reckoning in some form – whether spiritual, socio-cultural, physical, financial, emotional, or mental. For older adults who have more bearings about the ebbs and flows of life, this period might just be uncomfortable. But for younger adults, the feelings surrounding this time goes beyond discomfort as my podcast interview with James Erskine revealed. Many young Ghanaians in particular feel unsure, afraid, and concerned about their future and opportunities.

As such, I have partnered with Ghana-based non-profit, KonneKt, to rally 100 people in my network to mentor such young people in Ghana.

About KonneKt

KonneKt is a global professional mentoring and coaching platform with personalized programs that support young Africans with their emotional, academic, and professional wellbeing.

KonneKt connects young people with mentors to answer their questions, review their background and objectives, share practical strategies for success, and follow up to discuss milestones and results.

KonneKt’s platform and well-tailored mentoring program makes connections seamless for mentors and supports them with necessary resources and insights to allow them to deliver value to their mentees within the precious time they have available.

Celebrate With Me

I imagine that by you sharing your perspective, experiences, and fears at this time, a young person might find respite that they are not alone. That alone would be enough. If you can share opportunities, networks, information and insight, that might change his/her life. Imagine what that would mean for a generation down the line. I am excited to do my part in committing to this work.

If you would like to join me, kindly fill out the form below and the team at KonneKt will get back to you immediately.

Link Below:


Thank you immensely.

Give me a hug when you see me in town today – Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku


Gorgeous Ghanaian Media Personality, Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku has released Stunning photos of her to celebrate birthday today, announces free hugs for everyone who sees her around.

The actress took to her social media page to announce her 29th birthday and the ‘free gifts’ that come with it.

She wrote: “Give me a hug when you see me in town todayyyyy. #AyearOlder.”


She also posted another photo, praying for her fans.

She wrote: “From the bottom of my heart, I pray God blesses you like he has blessed me this year #AyearOlder”


A lot of her fans have trooped her Instagram page to wish her a happy birthday. Naa Ashorkor is one of the few Ghanaian women who have made a mark in the media. She is also an entrepreneur, a movie producer and director.

Don’t be left out. Visit her IG page and wish her well in all her endeavors. . Click on this link: Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku .