EXCLUSIVE: All You Need to Know About the Digital Church Conference 2018!!

Do you want to learn how businesses, Churches or Ministries use digital innovations and technology to reach more people and make impact?
Do also want to know more about The future Rise of Robotics, Digital Currency, Youth and Technology and Signs of the Endtime?
This event is for the youth, pastors, evangelist, Church workers, Ministers, Teachers, Media/Technical Men, Business Men and Women.
Register and get enlightened and empowered with digital innovations, strategies and solutions you can use to grow your bussiness, ministry, engage your team, manage your members, and spread the gospel. Receive practical insights and lessons from the leading digital and design industry leaders from Ghana and Nigeria.

For further details on the topics to be treated and other information, kindly see the attached flier.
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Content Areas: Digital Pastor/Church, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Podcasting, E-Publishing, Church Management Software, E-Commerce & Online Payments, Content Marketing, Live Broadcasting and Projection, and Digital Media Department.


Exclusive: BizzyBrain- The New Big Thing In the Music Industry!

Bizzy Brain, born Osei Owusu Bright is a highlife, afro beat, R&B singer. He is also into sound engineering and plays the guitar and piano. Bizzy brain is a young musician who just entered the music scene with his unique style. Following him for these past few months have made us discover a few things about this young talented act.

Its sad not so many people are paying attention to his style of music but it is assured that you will not regret listening to his two singles “falling for me” and “famous” all produced by Bizness. This young act coming from the streets has had the opportunity to share the same stage with main stream acts like obrafour and kwaw kesse and many other artistes in the industry. Bizzy Brain is phenomenal on the live band and will give goose bombs when he is on the microphone with his soothing voice and breath catching freestyles.

Call him the Samini of our time when it comes to live band performances. Tho currently without a manager the young up and rising act has managed to get his songs across some of the most reliable and popular music hubs like REVERB NATION, AUDIOMACK, SOUNDCLOUD and other blogs all for streaming and downloads.The young act has featured on many songs with his peers and is willing to work with any artiste. According to the young act a lot is in place and there’s more he has to showcase and the world should watch out for him. Follow Bizzy Brain…
Twitter : @realbizzybrain1
IG: @realbizzybrain.
Facebook: @Bizzy Brain Gh

Exclusive: Goalpha Student Magazine- The New Big Thing!

GOALPHA GLOBAL has an objective of bringing out the best in people and supporting them to achieve it in an extreme way for a nationaland a global positive effect. Currently under Goalpha Global is GoalphaGh which is an NGO meant to bring together orphans and less privileged people in Ghana to be celebrated, awarded and inspired to do more with their talents and abilities.

Also Goalpha Student Magazine which is meant to build student in mind, body and spirit. Goalpha Student Magazine is located at Madina, Atomic 2nd Junction, Ansmerc house 2nd floor, first office. Its recent creative online challenge which ended on the 27th of August 2017 between 6 contestants on its social media platforms drove over two thousand people in participating with voting just in appreciating creativity in individuals.

This magazine features some of the country’s best illustrators; fine artist,’ graphic designers; animators; poets; photographers; fashion designers and special writers. This is no ordinary feature but it is a vision tied in building students in mind,body,soul and in spirit. We pride ourself on being the first student magazine in Ghana and the first social media network magazine for students in west africa.


GOALPHA Student Magazine is the new big thing about to hit the magazine publication market. With its target being students in high school all across the country. Its set to be published every academic term in the senior high school curriculum. With its most intriguing concept and its exceptional way of reaching students all across the country, I believe advertising in this magazine will do your business alot of good in reaching people. We have been running partially on our social media and have influence many on our Channels, also we have organized a number of conferences and programs in the senior high schools through our regional heads and our school coordinators.

SIZE: Custom size 25cm”* 19cm” finished
PAGES: 74 including cover
PAPER: Inside: 80gsm gloss paper
Outside: Strong cover gloss finish
COLOUR: full color front and back for both inside and outside

Principle 1: Serving the student interest.
1.1 Goalpha Student Magazine (GSM) practice and conducts will benefit the student academic interest and Social interest to any extent possible to be in accordance of the National Union of Ghanaian Students(NUGS)National Civic Education Council and the Ghana Education Service(GES).

Principle 2: Ethical behavior and functioning.
2.1 Goalpha Student Magazine (GSM) in the course of its business activities,will respect and conform to all agreement with its partnering
businesses or agencies.

2.2 Every employee of Goalpha Student Magazine (GSM) including full time directors and the Chief executive, will conform to trade
procedures,documentations and other necessary formalities.

2.3 Every member of Goalpha Student Magazine (GSM) is committed to compromise with ethical business standards. The highest business
standards of integrity, equity and objectivity will be observed in every
activity that compasses the business.

2.4 Goalpha Student Magazine (GSM) will maintain quality and excellence of its product and services, never through illegal, unethical or unfair business practices.

Principle 3: Respect for human right.
3.1 Goalpha Student Magazine (GSM) reiterates its belief in and adherence to the principle of the human rights in the Ghanaian constitution and act in accordance with principles laid down in it.

Principle 4: Respect for its environment.
4.1 Goalpha Student Magazine (GSM) will be committed to making continuous improvement in the management of its environmental
impact and to the longer-term goal of developing students, since 10% of
profits goes into charity.

4.2 Goalpha Student Magazine (GSM) will comply with all general
standard of school laws in other to make the work of the school authorities much easier.

Principle 5: Advertising
5.1 Goalpha Student Magazine’s advertisement space will be honest
to its customers, clients and investors. Ensuring that no customer is deceived by it’s advertisement.

5.2 Goalpha Student Magazine’s advertisement space will be in 3
parts. Gold Advertiser, Silver Advertiser and Bronze Advertiser.

5.3. A Gold Advertiser will have a full page for it’s advertisement.

5.4. A silver Advertiser will have a half page for it’s advertisement.

5.3 A bronze advertiser will have a small space in a page for it’s

Exposure: Buying ad space in our magazine means reaching more than 9000+ students all across the country. for a full quarter, more than 3 months
of uninterrupted exposure in our magazine and distribution platforms.

Extra Reach: For Gold and Silver advertisers, Goalpha Student Magazine offers you an external reach by making a bar code of your website, social media page etc, so our audience can connect with you on your website or page.

Favourable Discount: We will be offering free or discounted advertisement spaces on our platforms and magazines. It will be based on our relationship with you and we believe you will be the lucky one.


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Ibrah One Starts Mentioning Names!

It seems we haven’t heard the last of Ibrah yet. He couldn’t just wait for Moesha to enjoy her fame after her interview with CNN. News broke last week that the popular millionaire had been arrested by the police due to some alleged money laundering issues. He later mentioned that he had already been to 6 different police stations and yet he wasn’t arrested by any of them. Last week, after his alleged arrest, Ibrah vowed to mention some names of other people in the ‘supposed fraud business’. Well, well… Looks like he’s a man of his word! This morning, he finally made good on his word and mentioned 6 names, which include Zylofon Media’s very own, Nana Appiah Mensah It all began with Heloo again… And Moesha was mentioned… Then the names finally came…



An NDC activist and social media commentator, Mr. Cyril Lordson, has sent a strong signal to his fellow party men aspiring to various positions in the party in the upcoming internal elections, to stay away from ‘juicy’ government appointments when the party captures power in 2020.

According to him, there has been ‘awful’ instances in times past, where party executives abandon active party work and take up government appointments, while the grassroots continue to suffer painful rejection in the many challenges they face.

Mr. Cyril, who is very hopeful and optimistic the Ndc will win 2020 elections hands down, minced no words in charging the aspirants, from the branch to the national level to remain at post and serve the party while they endeavor to address the challenges of teeming party loyals.

_”I want to tell comrades contesting for positions in the party that if they win their contests, they should not take up any government appointment when we come to power in 2020. All party executives must concentrate on their work at the party office and most importantly, keep constant touch with grassroots”_

He went on to further state that the youth of the Ndc will not support any candidate who has the ambition to assume government appointments.

He also cautioned all aspirants to be decorum in their utterances in the media space, in such a way that they will not marr the personality of other candidates to satisfy their parochial interests.

_“If you go on radio or any media platform, say what you can do if you are given the mandate to serve the party, don’t condemn your fellow comrade who is contesting you. Ndc, we must always show other political parties that we understand democracy much more than they do. God bless Ndc and our homeland Ghana”_,
he concluded.

Source: Ebenezer Assan

I will contest for the Presidency seat in 2020″ – Zylofon Boss, Nana Appiah Mensah

A social media post by business mogul, Nana Appiah Mensah, has sparked debate online over his intention to contest as president of the Republic of Ghana.

NAM 1, as he affectionately called in a tweet on his official twitter handle posited that, “A nation that fails to invest into the coming generation in the areas of technology and science will continue to remain in the shackles of ‘’economic captivity’’.

The tweet also called for a change so Ghana will have leaders that can help shape the country and give it a new hope. The tweet read: ‘’A nation that fails to ‘’refine’’ it’s up and coming generation, especially in this technological and scientific age, would perpetually remain in the shackles of economic captivity. Ghana, ’Change We Must.’ #GhanaShallProsper #Hopeishere,’’ it ended.

After taking the entertainment industry by storm by signing artists like Stonebwoy, Shatta Wale, Kumi Guitar, Joyce Blessing among others, the business mogul has decided to sponsor the premier league.
Nana Appiah Mensah, broke the news of sponsoring the Ghana Premier league through, one of his able lieutenants Frederick Boateng. “On behalf of Nana Appiah Mensah and his team, I would like to announce that Zylofon will be sponsoring the Ghana Premier League”, Boateng revealed.
“Our team has decided to throw our weight behind Ghana football. To you the players present, I urge you all to aspire to higher heights. You should take your job serious as you represent Ghana in football.

You should know that when you don the national jersey, you represent yourself, family and the nation. Do this with all your heart, so after you retire, you will be counted among the legends of Ghana football”, Nana Appiah Mensah said at the short ceremony to announce their decision to sponsor the local league.

Brief Profile of NAM 1 Born on 16th May in Accra, Nana Appiah Mensah is an Ashanti and he is married to the owner of Rozzy’s Collection, Mrs. Mensah. They have one handsome boy together.
Nana Appiah Mensah was born to Susie Ivy Brew a successful business executive in Ghana and Napolean Mensah Abrompah, a distinguished banker. For his young age, the business guru also has several distinguished international academic backgrounds in Mining and Environmental studies, finance, Political Science, Economics & Business Management, Psychology, African and World History, Theology, and Law.
Nana Appiah is also the CEO of Brew Marketing Consult Co. Limited, Menzgold Espana S.L, T.I.A. Holdings (USA), Brew Energy Company Limited, Brew Realty Company Limited, and Cheetah Security Co. Limited.

List of Businesses owned by NAM 1

Menzgold Ghana Ltd. Menzgold Ghana Limited is a limited liability company duly registered and incorporated in Ghana by the company’s Act of 1963 (ACT 179). The company undertakes dealership in Gold, Diamonds and other precious stones and metals.

Brew Marketing Consult Co. Limited Brew Marketing Consult sells outsourced products from MENZGOLD GH. LTD. Menzgold Espana S.L In Spain Established on September 2, 2017, the company’s activities include; 1 Construction, installations, and maintenance 2 Wholesale and retail trade Intermediaries of the trade of diverse products 3 Real estate activities, the sale, and intermediation of all kinds of rural and urban properties, the promotion and construction.

The annual turnover for this business in Spain is less than 2 million euros, Zionfelix.net checks revealed. Zylofon Media Company Limited Zylofon Media is a multimedia entertainment company established to supply profitable, acceptable, audio and visual entertainment to diverse domestic and international consumers.

Under Zylofon Media he has Zylofon FM, Zylofon Music, Zylofon Movies, Zylofon TV, Zylofon Marketing and Copyright office. T.I.A. Holdings (USA) Brew Energy Company Limited Brew Realty Company Limited Cheetah Security Co. Limited Narosa Hotel.

Source: Krownetv

Funke Akindele must marry a Gateman before she can have a child – Prophet Reveals

Prophet Olagoroye Faleyimu, in a chat with Yoruba Movie Magazine, has urged Funke Akindele to embark on special prayers if she ever wants to be a mother.

The clergy man who is the founder of Blessing and Miracle Church of Christ also made a shocking revelation about Funke’s husband, JJC Skillz, warning him to pray so as to overcome the spiritual issue of women always leaving him.

Prophet Olagoroye Faleyimi further revealed that Funke Akindele can break the curse on herself by getting married to a gateman if she doesn’t want to take the prayer route.

He Said,

“Recall that I have once said that Funke Akindele will keep acquiring more wealth, this was even before she started getting endorsement deals. She chooses wealth and fame when she was coming to the planet earth.

She is a promised child who has a limited time to live, and that is why I have been clamoring that she must have a special prayer so that she can genuinely conceive and have her own kids”.

“The special prayers most of them are doing are fakes. There is no how you can go for a special prayer without deliverance. A certain special prayer requests will be given to her and she goes to the mountain herself to fight the battle. It is not something you ask a pastor to do for you. That is what special prayer is all about”.

“Counterfeit prophets have been predicting this and that about her, claiming they saw a set of twin in her womb, and that was why the rumour was everywhere a few months ago that she was pregnant.

She needs to open her mouth to deliver herself. If she fails to do the prayer, another grace for her is to marry a poor and unpopular pastor, the person will get the solution and she will have her own child”.

“Another way she can break the covenant is to probably marry a gate-man. This is the promise she made with her members in the spiritual realm. It might be difficult for her to have a child if she fails to break the covenant. The solutions to her problem about conceiving are what I have stated above”.

“If she comes to me for prayers and I pray for her, she won’t conceive. I can only give her some prayer points as guideline.

Immediately she engages in the special prayers, one of the signs she should watch out for is that, her money and endorsements will be reducing and within 2 months, the pregnancy will come”.

I Never Dreamt Of Winning Two Awards At VGMA – Kuami Eugene Reveals

Highlife musician, Kuami Eugene has revealed that he was filled with emotion when he was crowned ‘Best New Artiste’ and ‘Highlife Artiste of the Year’ at the 2018 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA).
The ‘Angela’ hitmaker, said he had mixed feelings when he was called to the podium to receive his awards.
Speaking to Ohemaa Woyeje on Adom FM’s ‘Work and Happiness’, Kuami Eugene disclosed that he promised his Mum he would win an award for her so he was elated to have bagged two.
“I was very emotional. Where I came from and where I’ve gotten to, made me emotional. I had to laugh and be happy but it wasn’t so; I was happy but sad. I never thought I would win. I told my Mum I will be on the platform. She told me Amen. When I got ‘Unsung’ [award] I told her and promised to win one for her. And I got two. It was everything for me…,” he said.

Kuami Eugene added that he has attracted a lot of props from bigwigs in the music industry for his win at the VGMAs.

“People tell me I deserve it. I’ve worked hard for it. I played almost 150 shows last year. It was too much. I was told to rest…” he told Ohemaa Woyeje.

If you can’t handle Shatta Wale, leave and let me take over – Actress to Shatta Michy

Ghanaian actress Rosemond Brown does not seem to be giving us a break anytime soon as the actress has called for SM Queen Shatta Michy to leave self-acclaimed Dancehall King, Shatta Wale.

The actress in a video posted with the caption “Michy watch your back” said that the “Low Tempo” singer should keep quiet and stay with Shatta Wale because every relationship has its own ups and downs.

She went on to say that if the “Low Tempo” singer cannot be with Shatta Wale anymore, she should leave him, so she (Rosemond) will come and take over, since already Shatta Wale is dying to have her.

“Shatta Michy, you better keep quiet there. You say you suffer for Shatta Wale, what kind of suffering did you do for him? When you were with your previous boyfriend, did you stay when things got difficult. You left him without thinking twice, and went to Shatta Wale.” the actress said.

“Now that Shatta Wale is tired, he wants to take bullet for me, allow Shatta to do it. If you cannot handle Shatta Wale, please leave, and let me come and take over.

“Every relationship has it own ups and downs, if he has beaten you, keep quiet and suffer, or else when you leave, I will take over.” Rosemond said to Shatta Michy.

Watch the Video Below:

You were not cheated – Charterhouse tells Patapaa

Head of Communication at Charter House, George Quaye has dismissed claims that organisers of this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) were financially induced in the award of the Most Popular Song of the Year category.

His comment comes on the back of allegation by Patapaa, whose ‘One corner’ hit song was tipped to win the award.

Patapaa accused Charter House of taking “stupid money” to overlook him after Fancy Gadam’s ‘Total Cheat’ song featuring Sarkodie was adjudged the 2018 VGMA Most Popular Song of the Year over the weekend.

Reacting to Patapaa’s allegation on the Executive Breakfast Show (EBS) on Class91.3FM on Monday, 16 April 2018, Mr Quaye dismissed claims that organisers of the award were financially influenced.

He told show host Moro Awudu that: “It is unfortunate for Patapaa to suggest that there have been some kind of financial influence, that who influenced who? That the person influenced the public or the person influenced the academy or the person influenced the board because I don’t know who on the board anybody can influence, it’s not possible.

“So at which point did who influence who? The only way you can influence the public is to probably buy credit for people to vote for you, that is about the only way you can influence anyone but aside that, I don’t know.”

A section of Ghanaians took to social media to criticise Charter House for not awarding the Most Popular Song of the Year to Patapaa’s one corner song but Mr Quaye quizzed “did you vote”?

Source: Adomonline