My Childhood Was Covered With Domestic Abuse And Violence. Art was an Escape For Me- Mr. Chris Mukasa, C.E.O/Founder of Fatumas Voice Shares In An Interview.

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Your Dreams are possible, regardless of where and how You were born; You are here, what impact are you gonna make to better your life and the lives of others. Today on Exclusives with SammytheAuthor, an Inspiring Kenyan Entrepreneur shares with us, his life story and career as an Entrepreneur and CEO/Founder of Fatumas Voice Kenya. Checkout the Interview Below!

1: Who’s Mr. Chris Mukasa?

Besides being known as the Founder of Fatuma’s Voice, I am a dynamic person who loves exploring. Although I am inquisitive and outgoing, I also value intentional solitude.


2: What’s the Story behind Your Passion to do what you do??

Just like many of my peers, the background of my childhood was covered with domestic abuse and violence. Art was an escape for me but I soon found solutions within it. This inspired me to work with like-minded creatives and start Fatuma’s Voice, which is slowly transforming into an African community movement . Our goal is to encourage creative expression and drive for social change.


3: Wow!!Awesome…You sailed through regardless..Being the CEO/Founder for Fatumas Voice, what are some of the Impacts you have made so far with your Initiative?Anything Sharable?

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Since we begun in July 2013, we have been using simple and creative avenues like; open debates, political art, conscious music, expressive dance and social-issue based theatre, to creatively reaffirm people about the significance of their voice. We have grown from a small weekly event in Nairobi into a themed and structured forum independently coordinated by the local youth in three different counties; that is Nakuru, Mombasa and Kisumu.

By 10th December 2016, we had held 142 youth forums where we hosted 1,420 artistic performers and attracted a live audience of 15,000 participants and over 500,000 online participators. Our goal is to replicate it to each and every African country. Besides focusing on the number of participants engaged, we also keep track on attitude change and level of participation. We involve the community in the process of defining the social metrics and indicators they expect to see. People are interviewed before and after the forums and the feedback compiled in testimonials and case studies.

We have seen an improved understanding about social issues within communities we have worked with. We have experiences people changing their attitudes towards political accountability by realizing that their personal action or inaction is connected to the political space. We have witnessed an increased sense of ownership and responsibility in the process of creating social change. Fatuma’s Voice now seeks to increase impact by replicating the forum in other African countries. Our first event out of the country was all the way in West Africa, in Ghana. The forum was called Youth Uniting Africa and it happened in July 2019.


4: Powerful!!! Any challenges faced so far?

Systematic manipulation through social institutions like Education, Politics, and Mass media, is used to maintain status quo. Individuals grow up thinking social action is blocked by government policies, which disconnects the community on the ground from the government leaders. People lose trust and develop a culture of self-imposed silence. Our biggest challenge is to address this issue by creating awareness and helping people break out of a restricted system that doesn’t allow critical thinking.

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5: Great!! So tell Me, what’s the Inspiration Behind the Youth Uniting Africa Conference which was launched here in Ghana?

Youth Uniting Africa is the project name and theme of an annual forum that is set to happen in different countries across Africa. The premiere happened in Accra, Ghana, on the 29th of June 2019 at the Alliance Francaise. At Fatuma’s Voice, we picture an inclusive and politically conscious Africa, with a voice that will dismantle false narratives and involve every community member in the process of social change. We have been working with youth in East Africa since 2013. We now seek to continue the conversations about how Africans can navigate personal challenges, solve social issues and explore the opportunities across the continent.


6: Impressive!! I believe you’ve heard of the recent happenings in South Africa now; what’s your take on it? In a brief message, tell us how we can make Africa, a peaceful one.

This problem can be traced back to a defective colonial educational system, which gradually shapes people’s thoughts into a collective consciousness. In the name of selfish ideologies and blindly followed beliefs, social evils like xenophobia are endorsed and passed down across generations without question. This is a deep-rooted problem that will not be uprooted in a day. Fatuma’s Voice is focusing on gradual and sustainable change, using simple and creative avenues like open debates, political art, conscious music, expressive dance and social-issue based theatre.

Through projects like Youth uniting Africa, African Philosophies like Ubuntu, Harambee, and Ujamaa will be shared with people across the continent. Imagine people becoming so empowered, that they feel the need to effect this change on a personal level. It is not the end for Africa, we have a long way to go and grow. These baby steps will soon become firm as we synchronize our march. As Fatuma’s Voice, we see an Africa with improved understanding about social issues and attitude change towards political accountability. Our Voice is getting audible, clearer and louder.


7: I Love this. So what’s up your sleeves now; When is your Next Project Coming Up?

Next Project? Well, what I’ve been working on with Fatuma’s Voice is not yet complete but I’ll tell you what I’m doing for fun this coming weekend: There’s a heated pool in my neighbourhood that I never knew about. So me and a couple of friends are planning to go for a swim. Apart from that, I am fishing for series recommendations to come back to after visiting Kwale County for a community-work related excursion.

Ok..Nice..Thanks for granting me this Interview. We look forward to more of Your Initiatives in the coming Months/Years. Stay Blessed.


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Instagram: @Fatuma’s Voice.

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